MBBR Bio media

Bio media provides increased surface area for the biological microorganisms to attach and grow.

Fixed Media

This media include high surface area, provide a large internal surface area for the growth of microorganisms.

Tube Settler Lamella

High Rate Inclined Plate Lamella Clarifier For Wastewater Sedimentation
Ecocycle MBBR 3D
Ecocycle MBBR 3D Ecocycle MBBR 3D

What are the benefits of the Ecocycle® MBBR biological container system treatment?

The technology used is ideal for applications where trained operators are not in place or where minimal operator entry is required. Modular design makes it easy to increase the number of units according to capacity.
That's why Ecocycle® MBBR WWTP solutions are the best choice for a low-cost, automated and reliable wastewater treatment plant.

  • Ease of operation
  • Modular design allows expansion
  • Quick installation and start up
  • Low operating expenditure
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Discharge quality to environmental standards
  • Fully automated

Is it suitable for overseas loading?

Arsimak designs and manufactures the Ecocycle® MBBR units in suitable sizes when it will reach by ship transportation. Ecocycle® MBBR can be transported 20ft./40ft./40ft.HC Open Top containers.


Are components and spare parts easy to supply? (OEM)

Products and components are sourced from reputable suppliers and OEMs locally and internationally, providing you with the best quality possible. Arsimak Oem

Does Arsimak provide After Sales Support ?

Arsimak provides a wide range of after-sale support and services to help our customers make the most of their assets. Arsimak Services