Ecocycle 3D

    Airlift Micro® Package Treatment Systems
    Airlift Micro® is designed for low capacities where standard Package Treatment Units cannot provide treatment efficiency.
    Airlift Micro® SBR has been designed to provide high purification efficiency with low energy usage on a process basis.
    Airlift Micro® pumps and purifies the process without the use of a horizontal side channel blower. Since it does not use only low capacity blower instead of pump and horizontal channel blower, energy consumption is lower compared to other treatment units.
   There are no pumps and electronic equipment in the water. The transfer of wastewater is carried out by airlift technology. Suitable for underground applications.
   It is an ideal solution for villas, cottages, construction sites with few staff. Systems that can be designed in the range of 5-25 people have high purification efficiency.


NO Pumps, NO mechanical parts, NO electrical parts in the wastewater.


1. Feeding phase

The wastewater is initially fed into the sludge tank (1st chamber) where solid constituents are removed. From here, the wastewater is then gradually led into the SBR tank (2nd chamber).

2. Aeration phase

The SBR tank is where the actual biological treatment process takes place. Here, short aeration and rest phases alternate with one another within the scope of a controlled cleaning process. This means that the so-called activated sludge with its millions of micro-organisms can develop and treat the water thoroughly.

3. Rest phase

During the 90-minute rest phase, the activated sludge then settles on the bottom of the tank. A clear water zone forms in the upper part of the SBR tank.

4. Discharge

The separated clear water is then led from the SBR tank to the receiving water (stream, river or lake) or into a percolation system. Afterwards, the sludge is returned to the first chamber from the SBR tank and the process starts again from the beginning.
  • Summer housing developments
  • Holiday villages
  • Housings and mass housings
  • Factories and Industrial Facilities
  • Villages, towns and Municipalities
  • Schools, Hospitals and Military Facilities
  • Accommodation Facilities and Restaurants
  • Temporary locations such as construction sites
  • Recreational facilities Camps
Advantage Proseptic

Advantages of Ecocycle® MBR Compact Package WWTP Units

  • Less Space Requirement
  • Recycling for irrigation
  • Higher Outlet Water Quality
  • Silence and Odorless
  • Advanced Processing Technology
  • High Efficiency In Different Flow Rates
  • Low Initial Investment and Operating Cost
  • Resistant to Different Temperature
  • Easy Installation & Commissioning